Better (Meat) Burger: $22

Beefy goodness, delivered.

Veggie Burgerish Options: $20

Need something without the meat? We have veggie burgerish options that are meat-free, delivered.

Hot Dogs: $18

We also offer Hot Dogs with the fixins' delivered.

How Burger Better Works

1. You pick whether you want a burger, hotdog, or veggie burgerish option (meat free) and we hand curate a local option and deliver it to your door. You get exciting new burger options sourced locally, there are no endless menus to navigate, and you get a better burger delivered.

2. When you fill out the form to order, we will take note of any preferences (i.e. "no pickles.") and do our best to accomodate them.

3. You pay one flat fee depending on whether you want a burger, a hot dog, or a veggie burgerish option (meat free). And all options come with a mystery side (usually fries or chips of some sort).